There is nothing quite like seeing the beaming smile of someone you love. Whether it’s your parent, spouse, child, or a friend, a smile can change your entire day for the better!

Unfortunately, many of us are too self-conscious to show off our smile, due to missing teeth. Missing teeth can affect both the appearance of your smile and your self-esteem. As experts in cosmetic dentistry, we have an easy, cost-effective way to replace those missing teeth and cause your smile to radiate brighter than ever before. Dental implants offer a complete replacement for your natural teeth.

It is common for patients to opt for dental implants after the removal of one or more of their natural teeth as a long-term replacement solution. Many patients prefer implants because they are the closest duplication of a natural tooth that modern dentistry has to offer. They function, look, and feel like “real” teeth! Here are ten additional reasons why you should consider dental implants to restore your smile and your bite:

1. Natural-looking replacement

Dental implants permanently attach themselves to your jaw because they are made of titanium, a material known for its ability to fuse with natural bone tissue. Once fused, a crown sits atop the titanium base. This crown looks, feels, and functions just like a natural tooth.

2. Helps to preserve facial aesthetics

Not replacing missing teeth in a timely fashion causes bone loss in the jaw over time, which can lead to sunken facial features. Reintroducing pressure on your jaw by chewing with a dental implant in place stimulates bone production, preventing or even reversing bone loss.

3. Long-lasting

Dental implants last longer than any other tooth replacement, as they become a permanent fixture in your jaw alongside your natural teeth. Crowns are available in several different materials, but the most popular is porcelain, which is incredibly durable.

4. Improved function

Following tooth implant surgery, you will be able to eat and speak more comfortably because dental implants fix into place and do not shift around in your mouth as dentures can.

5. Cost-effective

Though they seem costly initially, if you consider that dental implants are likely to last upwards of 20 years, they’re cost-effective compared to other solutions like dentures and bridges. These alternatives may need more frequent repairs and replacements.

6. Bone loss benefits

Bone is a living tissue that does not rebuild itself without regular stimulation. When a tooth is missing and not replaced, this lack of stimulation leads to bone loss. It is an issue that goes beyond a purely cosmetic concern, as it can leave your jaw more susceptible to fractures and impact your suitability for dental implants in the future.

7. Low maintenance

Compared to dentures, implants are incredibly low maintenance. They need daily cleaning in the same way you clean your natural teeth, but aside from that, no maintenance is required.

8. Improves confidence

One of the most negative aspects of missing teeth is that people often need to change what they eat, due to a weaker bite from inferior tooth replacement methods. They may also feel self-conscious and avoid smiling or laughing. Being able to eat, drink, smile, and laugh like you used to provides an incredible confidence boost.

9. Safer for natural teeth

Your adjacent teeth are completely safe alongside your dental implants. Conversely, other replacement methods such as a bridge can weaken the teeth on either side, as they must provide structural support for the bridge.

10. Cavity resistant

The materials used in the production of dental implants are artificial and, therefore, impervious to cavities. You will still need to care for your dental implants in the same way you would a natural tooth, and your gums will need daily cleaning.

Dr. Malika Kohli has the specialized training in a variety of implant therapies to provide full dental implant procedures (extraction, implant placement, and porcelain crown restoration) at one location here in Arlington VA, without the need to refer patients out to another practice.

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  • Date: 20-10-2020