Are you scared of the Root Canal?
Do you think it’s very painful?

Then you have to take services of the best endodontist in Delhi. No need to be scare of it anymore. The whole procedure of root canal will go so smoothly that you will be amazed. Patients who have gone through a root canal at Dr. Soni Dental Clinic, usually think why they were holding it for so long. Generally, a painless single sitting root canal is performed by the best endodontist leaves you extremely relaxed.

When you need Root Canal Treatment?

Delay or left untreated caries progresses to rotting cavities, and with time substantial portion of the tooth decays prior to its effect on the pulp. Endodontists, who are specialist in restoring teeth through endodontic therapy saves tooth. This therapy involves the soft inner tissue of the teeth, which is known as the pulp. As all the dentists are trained to take care and perform this therapy but some complicated case requires endodontist specialist to spot and treat. So, it’s always advised to go to them for root canal.

The procedure starts with local anaesthetic that will be given. The treatment removes the tissue that are infected and helps in getting relief from pain. Success rate of the endodontic treatment is 90% and it may initially respond to the therapy but may not heal it and pain revisit. In such a case second root canal treatment is required to maintain the tooth.

Leave your concern, with best endodontist in Delhi at Dr Soni Dental Clinic, you will be relieved of pain and tooth will be examined periodically to keep it healthy!