Physical / mental / occupational care provide patients with help on relearning how to perform daily duties or improve their speech after a severe illness or injury. Surrounded by their possessions, pets, and a familiar environment, our clients receive the support they need to enjoy their regular activities and continue living well at home.

Smile is the first thing others notice about us and the feature they are most likely to remember. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we felt perfectly at ease and confident in that inner beauty But in actuality, we are all self-conscious about our physical flaws. Fortunately, modern dentistry has a variety of techniques to enhance the beauty of a smile. Porcelain veneers are a perfect example:

They are extremely thin shells of strong, luminous porcelain permanently cemented to the front surfaces of teeth. Teeth veneers disguise dental flaws such as chips in the enamel, cracks or fractures, minor misalignment, uneven teeth, and those with ragged edges. Do they correct even deep discoloration (like tetracycline staining) that doesn’t respond to chemical whitening Veneers can be used to improve the appearance of a single tooth, several teeth (usually the front four), or all of those that show when you smile. A treatment plan is customized for your situation.

Veneers are a very conservative procedure

Here we begin by prepping the teeth which requires that only a minimal amount of the enamel be removed to allow the veneers to fit securely and look completely natural. Impressions are taken, which are sent to a dental lab where your veneers are precisely crafted. When you return in about two weeks, the permanent veneers are bonded into place. You walk out the door with the smile of your dreams, usually in just two visits!

With good oral hygiene and just a bit of special attention, your veneers will last a long time. If a veneer should break or come off from biting into very hard foods with your front teeth, it can be easily replaced.