Dr. Divya Nigam

Pediatric Dentist

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About Dr. Divya Nigam

Dr.Divya is dedicated to her patients, parents, staff and community. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with the children and parents enabling them to learn the importance of oral health. She believes prevention is better than cure. She is trained for managing apprehensive children including those with Special healthcare needs with care and empathy.
She earned her Bachelor of dentistry degree from BR Ambedkar University. Realizing the joy and need for treating children, she continued her specialty training in Pediatric Dentistry at Pt.B.D Sharma Univesity. She has worked as Associate Consultant at Rockland Hospital & other private practices in Delhi, NCR practicing pediatric dentistry. She spent 4 years working as a clinical demonstrator in Employer’s State Insurance Corporation.
Dr.Divya team’s up with multiple organizations to help treat those in need of dental treatment. She’s a part of the New Delhi Children Hospital And Research Centre where she treats underprivileged kids. Always inspiring her team and those around her and willing to learn and excel as well.